OR 100

2022 Ride Cancelled 



Save the dates!!

Oregon 100 is at a new ride location in Millican, Oregon ~ just west of Brothers.   The venue offers a varied terrain of juniper trees and rolling hills, with some trails overlapping a former ride known as the Dust Devils ride.   The ride should be considered a gateway ride to a new mileage.

On Friday a Competitive Trail Ride (CTR) is being offered.  This is a 25 mile event where riders have a window of time to complete the ride and are judged on horses condition during and at end of the ride.   This will be a qualifying event for the AHA National CTR held in October at the Autumn Sun Ride in Idaho!  CTR's are the best for starting young or green horses ~ or to get winter fat off horses and go out at a reasonable pace.   This is exactly how a lot of east coast horses are started ~ nothing but CTR's for the first year or so.  It's best described as a Best Condition Event for every entry.   It's not racing as speed will hinder you.  It is you against a set tme to bring your horse to the finish within a 30 minute window and looking great.  It's a lot of fun.

The AHA Region 4 50 mile Championship will be held concurrently with the AERC 50 Mile ride on June 25.  This ride will give AHA riders an additional 25 points toward the AHA Region High Point Award and additional points toward any AHA programs they are entered in.



Millican, Oregon is near the previous ride  venue at Brothers.  It's about 3.5 hours from Portland, Oregon (in a car ). 

We will post directions soon.

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